ICON Study

Icon is a multi-center study evaluating course of C.difficile infection in IBD patients and if earlier use of fecal microbiota transplant (FMT) improves patient outcomes. Dr. Jessica Allegretti in the BWH Crohn’s Colitis Center oversees the study.

Services provided:

The MHMC is providing centralized clinical lab (CLIA) support including C.difficle molecular and toxin testing to qualify patients for eligibility to participate in the trial, follow carriage of the pathogen before and after therapy, and fecal calprotectin as a non-invasive assessment of bowel inflammation.

ICON Study Project Services and Costs

Project Setup1each85.16108.15134
Sample Receipt and Processing150each5.116.497.50
C. difficile rapid molecular testing (GeneXpert)150each65.3583.0092.80
C. difficile rapid antigenic testing150each29.3637.2941.69
Fecal Calprotectin150each52.8967.1875.11
Sample Storage per cryovial tube150each0.070.090.10
Total Project Cost***23,002.1629,215.6532,714.00
*FY 2018 Fee Schedule
**HDDC rate not applicable for clinical testing
***Approximate cumulative costs reflected over a two year study period