Getting Started

The following are commonly needed to start projects with the MHMC:

  • Defined scientific question and scope of work: We work actively with groups to define and refine questions to be addressed through use of Center resources. In our experience, groups have the greatest success when the underlying question and/or commercial needs are clear. Once defined, Center staff work with groups to develop project plans, quotes and further documentation to draft formal experimental plans.
  • Protocol information – such as IRB, IACUC or Biosafety protocols (see below).
    1. IRB (Internal Review Board) protocol: For clinical studies involving human subjects, we will request your IRB protocol number and approval letter. For studies requesting discarded/de-identified materials from clinical microbiology or other clinical lab sections, groups need to provide either an IRB protocol or non-human-subjects research (NHSR) letter from an approved IRB. The Center accepts IRB documents from the Partners IRB, other academic IRBs or approved commercial IRBs.
    2. IACUC: For use of the gnotobiotic facility, the BWH IACUC only accepts internal protocols approved by BWH. Per discussion with MHMC staff an assessment will be made if studies may be performed in collaboration under an MHMC IACUC protocol, else Center staff can assist external groups in obtaining a protocol through the BWH IACUC.
    3. Biosafety protocol: For groups requesting microbes or primary materials containing potentially infectious agents – we will request your Biosafety protocol for use of materials within your institution.
  • Billing information – for services not managed under a collaborative proposal, the Center accepts purchase orders, credit card or wire transfers of funds per invoiced amounts. In addition, we will request the appropriate billing contact on your end to get the funding mechanism setup. The Center invoices monthly for fee-for-service activities and will provide an up-front quote for the scope of requested services.