Project Development

The Project Development Unit of the MHMC helps groups set up studies and analyses, providing documentation and quotes for grant applications, IRB, IACUC and Biosafety protocol submissions. Administrative core personnel manage Partners documentation for sponsored research grants with industry and non-profit entities. The unit also manages monthly invoicing for services provided by the Center.

MHMC Administrative Support:

  • Development of project plans and quotes for active studies and for grant submissions
  • Assistance with preparation of IACUC protocols for gnotobiotic and defined or complex colonization studies.
  • Assistance with preparation of IRB protocols for human microbiome studies and to access clinical discarded materials.
  • Assistance with preparation of Biosafety protocols for use of defined commensal or pathogen isolates, and for IACUC studies
  • Onboarding and training of staff who will be conducting gnotobiotic experiments in the Center’s facilities

For groups submitting collaborative NIH proposals with Center faculty (Drs. Bry, Gerber and/or Onderdonk) we request at least 3 month’s notice to prepare needed components of the scientific plan, budget and any subcontract documentation.

For fee-for-serve quote requests to be submitted with grants, please provide at least 2 weeks notice. While most quotes are turned around quickly, for groups new to the microbiome discussions are often needed to clearly define the question(s) being asked, analyses that will best provide useful information in the given model, and if the requesting group has personnel who will conduct complex studies or if staff or fellows within the MHMC will be performing specific experimental and computational analyses.