Material Testing Agreements (MTAs)

Material Testing Agreements detail the scope of services and budget for MHMC personnel and resources to perform a particular scope of work to analyze defined materials provided by the end user, e.g. in gnotobiotic systems, continuous chemostat fermenters, internally developed computational models, or with other existing systems developed by the Center. MTAs differ from Institutional Service Agreements, per needs to more formally allocate personnel and/or particular resources for a window of time to complete the requested analyses. ISA’s support more defined fee-per-click services.

Under the scope of the MTA, the intellectual property (IP) of the materials to be tested resides with the requesting entity providing the materials, it is not anticipated that new IP will be developed. Under the MTA, an up-front budget and milestones are jointly developed and agreed upon, with transfer of funds in appropriate tranches to support allocation of dedicated personnel to the project.

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