Center Fee Schedules

Center fees are broken into the following schedules based upon the requesting user and institution that will be invoiced.

HDDC- Harvard Digestive Diseases Center member: must be on the approved membership list managed by the HDDC with invoicing to the investigator’s primary academic institution. Users receive a discount on services per operational support from the HDDC’s NIDDK P30 grant. The fees are the same for HDDC members within Partners Healthcare and at participating external institutions.

Internal/Partners Healthcare Users (BWH, MGH, DFCI, other Partners Institutions): Base rate for fees; does not incur overhead if a Partners Healthcare cost-center is invoiced.

External Academic: Non-profit or government institutions outside of Partners Healthcare. Fees include the base rates with 42% overhead for research services and 29% overhead for clinical services offered through the CLIA unit.

Commercial: Fees for for-profit entities which include the base rate and 59% Partners overhead for research services and 35% for clinical services.

The fees are for existing services provided under defined methods and SOPs. Projects requiring study-specific methods are quoted per time and materials. Quotes are provided to users before starting projects. The MHMC invoices monthly per work completed.

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